Febrero 12, 2005

Kyoto en pocas palabras

La realidad de sus pretensiones:
Phil Thornhill of the Campaign Against Climate Change said: "The coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol is something to be celebrated not so much because it will bring down emissions to any significant degree - it won't - but because it demonstrates the will of the great majority of the world community to address the problem of global climate change.
"Now the pariah status of Bush's US - as the nation whose obduracy threatens the entire global community with catastrophe on a scale never seen before - is plain for all to see."

La realidad de los hechos:
Kendra Okonski of the International Policy Network, said the US was taking the right route.
“Kyoto will not be effective with or without the US”, she said.
"Kyoto is a very bad investment, because it is very costly today and only brings benefits far in the future.”
"The US is correct in its decision of continuing to innovate and invest in new technologies that can bring us to a cleaner and more efficient future, for the whole world not just for the US or Europe."

Vía BBC News

Escrito por Feyn Dem en: Febrero 12, 2005 2:34 PM

Hay verdades que duelen,
hay verdades que no deberían ser pronunciadas,
hay verdades que aplastan:
“Kyoto will not be effective with or without the US”

Posted by: Astur-Leones en: Febrero 12, 2005 2:59 PM